Digital files or Artwork

Digital files or artwork….

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Personally, I love both. That’s right, BOTH are important.
But here’s the thing; the artwork is where it’s at.
And not just for today…
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Not for the day I hand you your beautiful album, or the day you hang your canvases on your walls…

Sydney; Hills district family photographer. Priscilla Cork Photography

That’s right…it’s for the other days. The days that are rough to be a mother. The days that turn into years and your baby doesn’t look like that little newborn anymore, but is a toddler running around your home. The days where you don’t even remember that teeny tiny gummy smile when she was 6 months old because she’s got a mouth full of teeth now. Those are the times you need to flip through your album and remember. You need to touch that tangible heirloom album and feel that tiny baby again. Even the day your a rocking your 3 month old to sleep, and amongst the crying and whining you can look up and see a sweet, sleeping newborn angel around the walls of that very nursery you’re rocking in for the 10th time that day.

Sydney; Hills district Newborn photographer

You can’t run to your computer or Facebook and pull up your files to remember, and really even if you do, where is the beauty in that? You deserve more; you deserve artwork around your home to remind you of their newness, of their short time crawling, of that sweet head on your shoulder snuggling in your neck. And in 15 years when your babies are grown and running around wanting nothing to do with you? You’ll cherish those albums and wall art even more because your heart will remember through those images and feel that little tiny baby again.

And for that day … far in the future …
when she whispers to you that once again there will be tiny footsteps running up and down the halls and you both giggle with excitement and look through her album together to see just how far she has come.

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